Wednesday, 9 August 2017

opi teas-y does it (burlesque)

teas-y does it was in opi's burlesque collection for holidays 2010.

it's one of those gorgeous vampy, deep purple shades with some brown undertones (more visible in pictures in the shade). it has a sort of duochrome type of shimmer, predominantly red but turning gold in certain angles.

even though it is old, formula is great with good coverage. definitely a must have, one of those elegant yet edgy polishes.

natural light:

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

dance legend melange 276

dance legend melange 276 appeared when i was out of pure black creme polish for a while. i decided to choose something from dance legend, since i was always happy with their brush and formula.

i ended getting number 276 from their melange collection, not completely black but one of those off blacks that takes an expert eyes to see that it's actually not. as usual, formula is flawless and it's a perfect choice for layering.

Monday, 17 July 2017

gosh ocean (540)

while i'm on the subject of polishes that are hard to capture, say hello to gosh's ocean, that i won on cayca's giveaway ages ago. i almost finished the polish but i'm just now showing it. 

it is one of the polishes that gets mentioned as a close enough dupe for chanel azure. gosh is a danish brand so not so easy to catch, therefore i don't have no idea if it is supposed to be more accessible than the chanel one.

it is a very pretty (mostly) turquoise duochrome, that shifts through many ranges of blue and green, depending on the light. it also has a touch of iridescent effect on it. brushstrokes are there, but not overwhelming. a perfect summer polish!

natural light:

Thursday, 13 July 2017

china glaze long kiss (under the mistletoe)

china glaze's long kiss originally came from under the mistletoe collection for holidays 2008, but made a comeback in their sealed with a kiss collection in 2011.

i really have problems swatching polishes like long kiss, which is why it took it so long for it to appear on the blog. sunshine makes them washed out completely, and the photos are much more faithful in the shade/but not to shady conditions.

nevertheless, it is a berry red metallic polish, pretty and nice, but nothing spectacular in the plethora of similar ones. i got it so long ago and i would probably give it a pass now, especially since my brush preferences lie with the wide ones. that doesn't mean that this polish isn't good, with very decent formula and coverage, just that it doesn't stand out in the sea of deep red shimmers.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

picture polish mossy (collaboration shade)

picture polish mossy is one of the newer collaboration shades, this one with russian instagram blogger  @sasshhaaaa.

mossy is definitely my type of shade: a deep (mossy :)) green crelly, with very dense gold holographic flecks. it is such a stunner, so excuse the overwhelming amount of photos, it's just that it looks awesome both in direct sunlight and in shade.

formula is flawless, so definitely thumbs up from me. 

direct sunlight:

Friday, 7 July 2017

opi unripened (go goth)

it's so weird that so far i only had obscure from opi's go goth collection from 2010 on my blog. today i am showing my favourite from the four, unripened.

unripened is a polish that i regret not having in a big bottle. it is gorgeous, rich black base with teal shimmer. the shimmer is also duochrome, although the shift to pink is much more pronounced in the bottle and almost impossible to capture on nails.

can't really talk about formula, since i have the mini version and the brush always annoys me, but it is an exceptionally pretty polish, i am sad that my bottle is done now.

direct sun:

Thursday, 29 June 2017

essence time for romance (color and go 72)

well, essence time for romance from their original color and go collection, might just be the oldest polish i never swatch in my collection (but i am half afraid that something older may pop out).

i have no idea how this came to happen, because this time i basically used up all the last drops of polish. it appeared in their first color and go edition, somewhere back in 2011, but it made a reappearance in their revamped color and go collection in a new bottle.

it is a wine red jelly base with some rosy hexagonal and tiny glitter. it was well pigmented, the glitter didn't sink and you didn't need to chase it in the bottle. it was a bit gooey and prone to shrinking, as you can see from my tips. nevertheless, it was a very fun polish.

direct sun:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

color club fashion addict (spring 2009)

wow, i have this nail polish for so long, and i have no idea how come i never properly swatched it, so here it goes: fashion addict from color club's spring 2009 collection.

fashion addict is a very cute polish. it is this soft shade of lavender/light purple, with an awesome linear holo effect. it is on the verge of being a crazy holo, bot not quite there. it looks cute in shade as well.

it is nicely saturated polish, doesn't need a water base and i recently started wearing it quite often.

natural light:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

zoya saint (enchanted)

i'm back from my first holiday this season, and i'm starting with the stunning zoya saint from their holiday collection called enchanted.

saint was a love at first promo picture for me. it is such a complex and unusual polish. the base color is a rather sheer periwinkle, with iridescent magenta/pink shimmer. it changes a lot in different types of light. 

the first coat was sheer, but it had a decent coverage after the second one with no need for a third. it is so unusual and somehow soft.

Friday, 9 June 2017

picture polish alice (collaboration shade)

alice is yet another picture polish collaboration shade, this one with rainbow connection stocklist from last year. i guess it should resemble the colour of alice's dress from the alice in wonderland cartoon.

it is a gorgeous, fun, vivid blue crelly filled with my favourite: silver holographic glass flecks. i somehow forgot to order this polish when it first came out, and finally made it right. 

the formula is nice, it dries smoothly and is such a fun and quirky polish.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

chanel provocation (fashion night out 2012)

chanel's provocation originally appeared in their fashion night out collection for 2012 (with infidele, the one that got away for me), but it was  brought back as a part of the permanent line.

it is a gorgeous, gorgeous plum shade. of course, the colour is a bit more complex than that, it has some brown undertones and dries a bit darker than in the bottle.

the first coat is a bit sheer but it builds up nicely with the second one. it a classy but not boring sort of polish.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

new in: january-may 2017

finally, a new in for this year! 

first one was in april, through a blog sale, so i got three picture polishes, eyre, sky and majesty.

they, also i april, i got another picture polish, free and zoya saint.

and a week ago, i got some more picture polishes: glitch, mermaid, arabian, mossy and alice.

Monday, 29 May 2017

collistar grafite lacca (carisma)

collistar's grafite lacca, from their carisma collection for autumn 2011, is one of my favourite polishes ever. i got it as a present and simply love it!

this is the only collistar polish i own, and the one my friends used to borrow a bit too often. it has a brush similar to opi's, so it works awesome for me. the shade is the most perfect muddy of all times, just the right mixture of beige, taupe, grey with a dash of blue. 

formula is awesome, because everything abut this polish is awesome. i think i will never ever get to it's last drop (and i am approaching that stage) but i will continue preserving it and looking at it for the whole eternity.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

picture polish sky (light shades)

one of my rare 2017 purchases (for now) is actually an ancient picture polish shade, sky, from their light shades collection in 2007.

it is a really special light blue pastel, really resembles the sky but in its a bit murkier mood. the formula is nice, especially for an old pastel, but it needs three coats. nevertheless, they run smoothly so i don't see it as a bother.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

opi honey ryder (bond girls)

i am still on board of the textured polishes bandwagon, and i really love opi's honey ryder from their bond girls collection.

honey ryder, named after the epitomic bond girl played by ursula andress, is a champagne gold shade. it has gold glitter in it, dries superfast and is a definite one coater. i would call it a festive shade, but i love to wear it when i'm in a (typical) all black outfit. 

overcast day:

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

chanel vertigo (les essentials de chanel)

it's about time i showed chanel vertigo, a part of chanel's fall 2012 trio, together with frenzy and suspicios (hitchcock, anyone?)  . 

it is a very complicated shade. it is dark, plummy brownish and greyish at the same time, i am pretty sure it looks different on different skin tones. in addition, it has that typical chanel hidden shimmer, when there is just enough of it for it not to be a creme. it is an elegant shade that i actually wore to my phd defense almost 4 years ago.

formula is decent. i am not a fan of chanel brush, it's too thin for my taste so i kind of stopped buying them lately because of this, but if you are happy with it, it's great. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

picture polish free (special edition)

today i am showing you a special edition picture polish, free, that is so far my favourite polish of 2017.

if you live in australia, you get this polish for free (hence the name) with your purchase. luckily, us non-australians can still buy it regularly. and this polish is truly divine! it has a duochrome effect, shifting from teal to blue, with awesome holo shimmer. 

the formula is awesome, it simply flows. i couldn't stop looking at my nails, so i am posting a bit more photos than usual, because it is truly a chameleon. i took pictures under direct sunlight, slight overcast and in shade, and it is stunning in every condition,

Thursday, 20 April 2017

nopi shoot for the maroon (2012)

i am showing one of my favourites today, shoot for the maroon from nopi's 2012 collection.

when you have a lot of polishes, it happens that you kind of neglect some of them, but then you rediscover them and fall in love. i wore shoot for the maroon so many times this winter and i'm still not bored of it.

and how could i be, just look at this perfection! such a rich burgundy/purple shade with perfectly matched golden shimmer. it's a dream. it looks stunning both in shade and in the sun.

formula is also nice, it applies smoothly and nicely. such a gem of a polish.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

zoya blaze (ornate)

ornate was such an awesome zoya collection, with some iconic shades (aurora, storm and logan are on my list), and blaze is one of those gems.

the first thing that comes to mind to me when i wear blaze is "delicious". it looks like some kid of berry marmelade and i always crave red fruit when i have it on my nails.

zoya poetically described it as "cool-toned medium mulberry red with a high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter". these holo particles are not as dense as in some other polishes from this collecton, and they give out pinkish and purplish glitz. 

coverage and formula are great, and it's an awesome polish overall.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

ysl fur green (scandal)

i am finally showing one more recent ysl polish, fur green from this autumn's scandal collection. the other polish from this collection is vintage plum.

fur green is a truly gorgeous shade of green. one of these forest, muted green shades. although it's moodiness really is perfect for autumn, i can see myself wearing all the time because it works perfectly well with my wardrobe.

formula of these creme is amazing, as usual, and matched with (for me) perfect ysl brush, there is nothing to complain about.

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts).

Monday, 3 April 2017

chanel blue rebel (les jeans)

it's been ages since i swatched two out of three chanel polishes from ancient but awesome les jeans collection back in 2011, and it's time i showed blue rebel as well. other two polishes were equally awesome coco blue and blue boy.

this collection was supposed to be jeans inspired, and this polish emulates your basic dark, slightly washed out pair beautifully. it is the darkest blue out of the trio, but still too light to be called navy. more like a deep denim shade. it is awesome, well pigmented and with good formula.

i am sure that by now there are plenty of dupes out there, but i am simply happy i have this one.

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts).

Thursday, 30 March 2017

picture polish honey dew (limited edition)

spring is here, and it's time for fresh shades. honey dew is a really old picture polish shade from 2009.

i am very happy i own honey dew, even though i am on the verge of having too many mint polishes (if that is even possible!)

honey dew is such a vibrant pastel mint, on the verge of becoming neon. on top of being gorgeous, it has a great formula, especially for a pastel polish. definitely a perfect spring/summer shade!

i used base (china glaze strong adhesion) + two layers of polish + top coat (essence btgnts).

Friday, 24 March 2017

opi live and let die (skyfall)

skyfall je verovatno još uvek moja omiljena opi kolekcija, i jedan od njenih lepotana je live and let die.
skyfall might still be my favourite opi collection, and one of awesome polishes released there is live and let die.

live and let die je zacrnjena zelena nijansa sa zelenim i zlatnim mikroljuspicama. šimer nije previše gust, taman koliko treba.

formula je takođe odlična, skoro je jednoslojac. kod mene nikad dosta ovakvih nijansi i nadam se da su svi ulovili svoj primerak jer ovaj lak mi je jedan od najlepših ove vrste.

prirodna svetlost:
live and let die is a blackened green shade filled with green and gold tiny glass flecks. this shimmer is not too dense, just the right amount.

the formula is awesome as well, it's almost a one-coater. i can't get enough of these shades and i really hope everyone got their bottle of this polish, because it is one of the prettiest shades of this kind.

natural light:

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

fun lacquer fashion show (new year 2016)

konačno je došao trenutak da pokažem još jednog fun lacquer lepotana, i ovaj put je to fashion show iz kolekcije za novu godinu 2016.
it's about time i showed yet another fun lacquer awesomeness, this time fashion show from the new year 2016 collection!

fashion show je vrlo kompleksan lak i potpuni kameleon. delom je ljubičast, delom plav i delom siv, i koju stranu će vam prikazati zavisi isključivo od svetlosti. kada sam ga slikala pod suncem, ispao je plav. ušla sam u sobu i izgledao je potpuno sivo, tako da sam morala da opet izađem i proverim o čemu se radi. ispostavilo se da su obe varijante slika verne.

uz to da je kameleon, imamo i guste zlatne holo čestice koje ga čine još fantastičnijim. formula je isto odlična, malčice se teže skida ali je definitivno vredan toga.

prirodna svetlost:
fashion show is such a complex polish and a complete chameleon. it is part purple, part blue and part grey and the side it shows heavily depends on the light. i took the direct sun pictures, that turn blue, got inside, it was more greyish, i went outside again and concluded that both indoors and outdoor pictures are faithful.

on top of the shade versatility, we have this dense golden holo glitter. simply awesome! formula is also great, it takes a tiny bit more effort to take it off but it's worth it.

direct sunshine:

Sunday, 12 March 2017

a england ophelia (gothic beauties)

ok, vreme je da prestanem da zaobilazim ovaj lak u mom folderu sa neobjavljenim svočevima i da ga izbacim iz sistema: ovo je ophelia iz a england gothic beauties kolekcije.
ok, i think it's time to stop just over-passing this polish in my unpublished folder and get it over with: this is ophelia from a england gothic beauties collection.
ophelia je trebalo da bude fenomenalna. pogledajte samo promo bočicu! ispostavilo se da je u stvari najveće razočarenje u mojoj kolekciji!

ophelia je trebalo da bude super lep crni lak sa gomilom ljubičastog šimera. na kraju, potrebno vam je da fokusirate snagu 10 000 sunaca da vidite trag tog ljubičastog šimera. on je zakopan doliko duboko da je potrebno čudo da se pojavi. na sreću, uzela sam ga na jednoj blogorasprodaji pa nisam platila punu cenu, zbog čega se osećam malo bolje! inače, formula je dobra i koristim ga kao običan crni lak.

prirodna svetlost:
ophelia was supposed to be awesome, just look at the promo bottle! it turned out to be one of the biggest letdowns from my collection.

ophelia was supposed to be this supper gorgeous black polish with bunch of gorgeous purple shimmer. in the end, you might need to focus the power of 10 000 suns to see a glimpse of purple shimmer. it is buried so deep that it takes a miracle to see it. i got it off a blog sale so didn't pay the full price, which makes me feel better! otherwise, formula is nice and i use it as a basic black polish.

natural light:

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